The Society

We are a group of like-minded people who support individuals who are experiencing business, financial and personal challenges with meaningful economic consequences.

We are a professional collective who prefer to resolve issues in a discreet, compassionate and efficient manner. We measure success by resolving conflict efficiently and avoiding protracted disputes that perpetuate professional fees. We keep a low profile and we select our engagements carefully.

The Society is a group of professionals who bring experience and services such as: financial advisory, family law, closely held business, real estate, tax and other services to resolve problems. We have worked in the top professional services firms in the world.

We are a tenacious and smart group that will go the extra mile to solve a problem.

We refer to ourselves as being members of The Meitheal Society. Our name comes from the Gaelic language.  Meitheal is an ancient Irish tradition of people coming together for a common purpose; working together and for each other to ensure that all succeed in achieving their goal.

Contact Michael Connolly to learn more how we help individuals who are struggling with divorce issues, wrongful termination, and various other business disputes.