The Society

We are a group of like-minded people who defend and support individuals who are being mistreated, misrepresented, emotionally stressed or economically abused.

We are a professional collective who prefer to resolve issues in a compassionate and efficient manner.

If need be, we stand up to bullies. We stand up to professionals who overcharge and underdeliver. We stand up against people who do not keep their promises.

We are a tenacious and smart group that will go the extra mile to fix a wrong.

Our private name is The Meitheal Society, which is unusual. We take our name from the Gaelic language.  Meitheal is an ancient Irish tradition of a group coming together for a common purpose and working together and for each other to ensure that all succeed in achieving their goal.

Contact Michael Connolly to learn more how we help individuals who have struggled with post divorce issues, wrongful termination and ineffectual service providers.