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Patients are Becoming Impatient with Doctors Outdated Ways of Communicating
August 9, 2016
The Struggle From The Top: Building The Case For As-A-Service Is A Lonely Undertaking
August 9, 2016
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Atlas Insights – Test Your Digital Marketing Knowledge

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Welcome to Atlas Insights – a monthly newsletter dedicated to CEOs, CMO’s and senior leaders who are committed to increasing shareholder value by scaling revenues faster. Our first edition offers some fun, some insights and a case study of an emerging growth client in the e-commerce area.

The fun – a quiz – tests your MarTech knowledge and shows how sometimes we use too much confusing jargon.  The articles we chose this month emphasize the importance of buyer engagement. With so much info and data being placed in front of our buyers, how do you stay relevant and provide compelling content?


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Test Your Digital Marketing Knowledge

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Atlas Insights: Your newest source on sales, marketing, marketing tech, and analytics

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Interview with Rubin Hanan – CEO of DeepSport. (An early stage direct to consumer – Ecommerce Company.)

Rubin Hanan is the former CEO of Champs Sports, the 17th largest retailer in the world at $900 Million and 9000 employees and 600 stores. Rubin was also the CEO of Foot Locker Canada, $150 Million in sales and 133 stores.

Atlas: What is DeepSport?

Rubin: DeepSport is the only FDA approved bedding as a medical device for people susceptible to atopic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. It’s also antimicrobial, Keeps you cooler, drier and more comfortable.

Atlas: How does it work?

Rubin: DeepSport’s performance sheets are the only FDA approved sheets. Our performance fabrics keep you drier and cooler. Athletes recognize that sleep is a critical component to performance and recovery. Our performance bedding is validated by numerous scientific studies.

DeepSport is a one of a kind product, not a me too product and will change the game on how people, specifically athletes gain an edge and a better night’s sleep.

Atlas Digital Partners

Atlas: What has been the marketplace’s reception to DeepSport?

Rubin: It’s been great. DeepSport is the official supplier of athletic performance sheets to IMG Academy.  DeepSport has sold product to the Pittsburgh Pirates, Miami Dolphins, LSU and many top athletes and celebrities sleep on our product.  Amazon’s new Launchpad program reached out and purchased $20,000 worth of product and continues to order every week.

But, it’s early days and now we need to scale our revenues and drive traffic to our site.

Atlas: What’s been your biggest challenge?

Rubin: It’s the age old challenges that entrepreneurs face. There are so many growth opportunities – yet there is limited capital, resources and time. Therefore, we are continually working on focus, staying true to our brand and trying to be incredibly thoughtful on building a solid platform for growth.

Atlas: Thanks Rubin and we hope that you keep us up to date on your progress.

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