How Atlas Helped Grow Urology Practice Revenues By 17%

The ‘tech bubble’ puzzle
August 10, 2016
Using buzz analytics to gain a product and marketing edge
August 10, 2016
The ‘tech bubble’ puzzle
August 10, 2016
Using buzz analytics to gain a product and marketing edge
August 10, 2016
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How Atlas Helped Grow Urology Practice Revenues By 17%

Here are the highlights of our work with a LUGPA member.


Situation: A well-established regional Urology practice was dealing with a familiar set of challenges.

• Integrating a number of smaller practices;

• Declining reimbursement rates;

• Coping with ERP implementation;

• Trying to decipher the implications of ACA; and a


• Diminishing team member engagement due to restructuring and out sourcing several key functions.



Complication: The combination of these factors was negatively impacting Practice growth, profitability, and physician satisfaction. The old ways of charitable races, periodic PR blasts and poorly managed physician referral programs were losing steam. The practice also had little to no skill in online patient engagement or new patient acquisition.


Question: What is the best strategy and execution to kick-start renewed growth for this Urology Practice?


Answer: The Urology practice engaged Atlas and over an 18-month period the following programs were executed:


1) Repaired team member engagement. (If the team members are not hospitable and enthusiastic then the patient experience will be subpar.)

Employee Attitude Survey conducted;

Mission updated and internalized;

Values teams established and recognition programs put in place;

Physician development through a 360 tool; and

Adjusting some roles and responsibilities.


2) Simultaneously, a complete overhaul of the practice’s underperforming digital assets (website, social media, et al) was undertaken.

Revamped the main site to make it more patient centric with calls to action and online appointment scheduling;

Developed 5 micro sites relating to specific conditions and treatments in order to capture more organic traffic;

Published 4 landing pages with lead capture forms’ and

Published more frequently on social media sites.


3) Upgraded the Physician Liaison role and added measurement tools.


4) A targeted monthly email campaign was launched to communicate new treatments or services to specific audiences.


5) Implemented monthly patient satisfaction scores and shared them throughout the practice.


6) Built a dashboard of core metrics to measure progress.


7) Continued with existing activities that appeared to be useful or having a good return on marketing investment.


Results: The results far exceeded expectations.


• Revenues are growing at greater than 15% over the prior year.

• Website visits are up 220%.

• Online appointments are averaging 10 a day.

• Physician liaison visits are up significantly and referrals are +12% over last year.

• Team member satisfaction showed significant improvement across all categories versus baseline results of a year ago.

• New treatments and new business development initiatives are being reviewed; while the recruitment of 4 new physicians is underway.

It should be noted that these results are in part attributable to Atlas’s efforts but most certainly include a variety of other people and circumstances as well.

If you would like to see how Atlas could help your urology practice, please contact Atlas Digital Partners’ Managing Partner, Michael Connolly. (202) 714 9077 0r