Less Than 10% Of Companies Are Using Marketing Automation, Here’s Why
August 9, 2016
Why You Should Care About Marketing Technology
August 9, 2016
Less Than 10% Of Companies Are Using Marketing Automation, Here’s Why
August 9, 2016
Why You Should Care About Marketing Technology
August 9, 2016
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Visual Media Can Help You Market Your Business

It is hard to focus on  the volume of ads served up to us every day. Side by side, up and down, we are presented with countless ads. At the dawn of the ad age wordy content was totally acceptable. Today, everyone is on-the-go. Bulky content does not work that way anymore.



A sample of wordy content marketing in 1919

Image by SmokingDesigners.com


While this type of marketing is no longer in vogue, that does not mean that we should sacrifice our content. With good content and an appealing image, you are bound to make a great content marketing that will inform your audience about your service and more importantly engage them.


Image by ContentMarketingInstitute.com


According to an article by Marketing Profs, 65% of senior marketing executives can attest that visual assets such as photos, video, illustrations, and infographics can help you communicate your business better to your target audience.


Not only SMBs should take advantage of this new trend; even big businesses with more than $1B in annual revenue appreciate the power of images and visual media.


A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Cliché but true. You do not need to add more text. Rather, let effective images do all the communicating for you. “Yes, we want to know how your services can help us but we do not want to spend 5 minutes of our time to know about you.” What is the most effective way to grab a prospects attention while at the same time, let them know about you?


An infographic by Jeff Bullas suggests that when a site has a relevant image along with texts, it will have 94% more views than those with plain texts alone. That is a staggering 94% and if that percentage still makes you doubt the power of images, then read ahead.


Image by Business2Community.com


Consumers Have a Short Attention Span

Treat your potential consumers thoughtfully. Surprising them with  massive chunks of writing will scare them away and that is not what you want to do. We are indeed a culture of visual learners and we remember 83% of what we see and only 20% of what we read. It’s a a harsh reality: but we will not remember everything that we read but give us an appealing image and we will not easily forget that.


Photos Are More Engaging



Take it from your own experience! You are more likely to comment on a friend’s picture showing her having a fun-filled vacation than to a friend who just posted a status about her vacation. Photos spark more engagement as it feels like you are there; you are seeing what they are seeing. It is the same with marketing! A restaurant who tweets a picture of its famous dish will gather 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets than a restaurant who just described how its famous dish tasted like.


So now you know how to make a consumer remember you, just remember these tips in using visuals for your content marketing:

  • Make sure to add even just two sentences of text before an image
  • Infographics are super effective as they are informative and also entertaining
  • Stock photos are good but original photos are better
  • Add images but also add videos in your content
  • Include a call-to-action in your visuals (Check our site, subscribe to our newsletter, sign up for VIP membership)
  • Be witty and creative in your every visual content marketing! A little humor won’t hurt!

Let us know what you think and share with us how visual media is helping you to grow your business.